• Dee Stone

    Beautiful bike. That blue finish just glows.

  • john h

    Very nice job. love the before and after shots. =)

  • phil11764

    And the saddle. “Quilted for comfort!” Love it.

  • Ryan S

    Doc beautiful work as usual, really like that blue. Thanks for providing all the before and after pics love seeing the transition/transformation from rusty and crusty to shiny and sharp

  • BeaterRezQ

    Doc, now we’re talking…that is what I call clever-showcasing of one’s work. Nice job!
    Pics, pics…give us pics!
    I have the same Altus rear derailleur just waiting for something in my cave, hmmmmm? I guess in the day Altus, Deore, RSX, etc. knew no boundaries between MTB and road? Can’t go wrong with an old Uni, love the metallic blue.


  • doc sprocket

    hey gang thanks for all the positive feed back.
    came glad to see & hear from you again
    i have a few more bike that have come & gone
    will send picks