• Ryan S

    Good to see the Dr. is in the house! I am used to Doc Sprockets work being excellent but this transformation is nothing short of stunning. Chapeau Doc!

  • doc sprocket

    thanks Ryan it can be hard to find that diamond in the rough some times.
    But when i do, I just can’t wait to make it a real 1-off have an excellent week end

  • GrizzlyD

    Standing Ovation!

    • doc sprocket

      Thanks Grizzly

  • becky

    I just pulled my 1984 Miyata six ten out of my garage wondering if it is worth a little TLC, or if a new bike is in order. I’ve taken great care of it. stored it inside. but haven’t ridden much since kiddos came along 14 years ago. I have googled the 610 and I see I’d like to keep this gem. any suggestions on updating it without devaluing it?