• Ryan Surface

    Not just 10 but SUPER 10…love it. Look forward to your after pics Doc.

  • BeaterRezQ

    What a pleasant surprise on a beautiful, but HOT Sunday. (100 degrees+ here)
    That lil’ Uni’ looks as close to original as you can get. I just love how they used to match up color themes on the bikes from housings to bar wraps, decals, lug accents, etc. Back in the day they knew how to do it. Oh, and a “real” headbadge…maybe not the most exquisite, but “real” nonetheless. It’s always nice to find a bike in its original condition, and in need of only the basics that wear out with time. Any idea on the year?


    1979 or 80 went to collage student after tune up, she was happy as rider on a new bike she name it DUKE

    • BeaterRezQ

      All parties involved ride away happy into the Cali sunset and another “oldie” is back on the road again. I love happy endings.