• Mark


  • older1

    Wow, great submittal, Don!
    You’re so right: snazzy cut-outs in the lugs, downtube shifter with a hidden cable, wrap-around chainguard, mitered handlebar joints, OLMO-embossed seatpost clamp: who cares about the rust!
    Even though it isn’t technically a TS, the single jockey wheel is original, dating the bike back to 1953! That alone screams “vintage”, which is a much more appropriate term than “old”!

  • julie s

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE the look of this bikE! The chain guard is just wonderful. Great find. Where is this alleged barn? Hee hee

  • Mike

    An outstanding find! Wish we had barns like that around here. There is a fine line between rust and patina…

    • Don S

      You know what thay say..One man’s rust is another man’s patina

  • Edh

    OLMO? OMG!!!

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    What a great find. The lug work is fantastic. The derailleur alone is a wonderful find. This is one of coolest vintage un-restored bikes I have ever seen anywhere. This bike would be an excellent addition to anyone`s collection. Congrats on one of (if not the best) find this ole boy has ever seen. I am greener than those shrubs with envy (:

  • http://retrobicycle.blogspot.com/ Mark

    What a great find! Still looking for a complete Italian vintage 10 for myself, have found just about everything else. This bike is truly a piece of art, love the in-tube cabling. M