• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh from Highland

    It looks like a Schwinn time capsule. What an awesome survivor! I love the smooth welds around the bracket-shell.
    I don`t know if I have ever seen a “Schwinn Approved” pad-lock before 🙂

  • http://www.wrn.com Bob H.

    Okay, I’m totally jealous! Hope I can find a fillet brazed Scwhinn in such pristine condition!

  • bork

    What a beauty! Hope you choose something a bit more secure than that ‘schwinn-approved’ thief magnet to lock it up…

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    Diggin’ the old school cable lock. I still use one, with a Master combo lock, that I’ve had since the 1970s. People tell me it’s not secure, but I’ve had it over 30 years and no one has stolen it yet.

  • Tomshiba

    Unbelievable! You found it in that condition???? It looks like the day it left the Schwinn shop. It is beautiful. What year is it? It must have been kept inside all of these years. You are so fortunate. Put new tires on it and take it out for a ride. Be sure to use that lock plus a Kriptonite.

    • Don S

      It’s A 1972

  • Bob

    Beautiful bike. Great find, destined to be OTSM!!

    • Don S

      That would be cool!
      But you guys post some really sweet rides.

  • Matt K

    Simply beautiful.

  • Bob H.

    This bike looks so pristine! I recently priced out some fillet-brazed Schwinns at a local bike shop – they were $400-$600! I’d love to have one but not at those prices!