• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Very cool. Now I know what to do with my old leather chaps!

    • Peter D.

      Ha! that is a great idea of how to wrap the handle bars at low price! I would normally use electrical tape to keep the cost down, but here is a better idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    Thanks for the props. You know, I planned to sell this bike (and I still may) but I took it out again recently and it really does fly. I’m getting used to the balance of it (which is different from other bikes I own) and now that I’m getting used to it, it ride great.

  • rickshaw

    Not surprised about your ride comments. 80’s Schwinns are very under-rated. They are a top notch ride but many turn up their noses to 80’s Schwinns.

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    An update… This morning I rode this Schwinn Prelude on my longest ride to date and my first metric century. I rode a full 114 km (71 miles). The bike was rock solid.

  • Dusty

    IF you do indeed sell this bike, please let me know, I am very interested. I live far from you but will be happy to pay for shipping! Looks outstanding!