• BeaterRezQ

    Doug B.,
    I am thoroughly convinced that there is no lack of fine quality rides out there just waiting to be rehabbed, and this is no exception. Nice job, and opting to leave bike as original as possible with factory paint job was a wise move. I will/have painted bikes before whenever the abuse was so severe that it reduced bike to a “well-used” condition, but I would much rather leave factory finish if at all possible.

  • Ryan Surface

    Nice find Doug, I have run across a number of Raleigh Records but all of the were of a more entry level variety, chapeau on finding a version with the fabled 531 tube-set. Thanks for sharing

  • Ralph

    Hello Doug,

    accidentally I came across this 3 year old Post – very nice! And in my notes – almost identical – Raleigh Record – it is in