• julie s

    Classy! That would be my grail bike (in mixte form)

    • Brockelbank

      I have seen them before in mixte style on ebay. they are so cool.

  • BeaterRezQ

    Love that old Dura-ace crank/black chain rings combo….crane derailleur = bomb proof!
    Any idea of the year that it was made?

    • Brockelbank

      I am guessing around 1978, but I am not 100% certain. That is my best guess. You are right, that derailleur is bomb-proof. It is a bit on the heavy side, but it runs flawlessly after many years of hard work.

  • Anonymous

    Niiiiiice! I love the drilling on the chain rings! I have started putting white wall tires on a lot of my bikes. It really make the chrome and paint “pop”!

  • Anthony

    I drooled over the Vent Noir back in the day! I loved the look and the name (“Black Wind”), but knew that it was out of my price range, so I didn’t even want to test ride it, for fear I would fall in love with it. I ultimately wound up with a Univega Gran Rally, which was a very good bike (and which might still be in my brother’s garage – he lives in another state, and I’m loathe to think of what shape it might be in), but I never got over my lust for the Vent Noir! Nice to see that at least one of this great bike is still around!

  • Duluthian

    I own a new, never used Vent Noir 21 inch frame with matching front fork. Unfortunately it is a mixtie frame. I’m thinking of putting it up for sale on ebay. Just did a google search and came up here. Just bookmarked the page.

    I purchased the Vent Noir from a bike shop way back around ’83 or so. Meant to build a bike around it and never got to it.

    Also own a ’77 Motobecane Grand Record (the famous red/black combo) that is in museum condition. Eventually that will go for sale too. Purchased that one back in ’77 while working as a bike mechanic. It has been ridden, but absolutely hoarded too. Apart from one extremely small scratch, it is perfect. The Brooks Pro saddle isn’t even broken in.

  • EWeston

    I’ve just had mine reconditioned a bit after a couple years on a Raleigh Technicium. Still need to find a peddle end cap. A short ride brought back how good it feels on the road.