• http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/owner-submitted/alex Alex K.

    No matter what it is, its amazing. Probably 531. That is an awesome bike, you have my bike envy.

  • DougE

    Hi all, accolades and respects to Cameron for hosting such a comprehensive site. Hopefully one of the Ten Speed gurus can help identify this frame.
    For the sake of clarity however I should point out that the seatpost is a Campagnolo Nuovo Record that is engraved ‘Elvio Masucci,(former owner I asssume), and has the fleur engraved in it as well, typical of Marinoni in Quebec.
    That and the re-badging just adds another layer to the mystery of this classic ride.

  • Pfaff

    That is truly an awesome find.

    Some really cool components.

  • DougE

    UPDATE: It has been confirmed by the original owner that the faux Marinoni is actually an “ELVISH’, Imported to Quebec from France in the 70s.