• Jedd

    Your views on fixed gear bikes made me laugh so hard i almost started crying… vans..

    I agree completely.

  • Dennis

    For those of us who found our Free Spirit bikes with a sloppy paint brush finish and no decals this is great to see a Ted Williams look like this.Do you have a serial number for those of us who are trying to break the date code on these bikes.

    • flapdoodle64

      If you go to flickr.com and type in flapdoodle64, you can see my photos of a Ted Williams bike, along with other bike and strange photos.

  • Doug

    Ok Dennis, here are the numbers on the stem tube. 5024725 106844 when I was searching for info, I came across model numbers for bikes being something like the first number, usually 502.##… But couldn’t find anything conclusive. What numbers do you see on your Free Spirit?

  • Dennis

    Thanks Doug! Any info on these old free spirits helps a lot. You are right about the 502— Mine is 50217425
    854158. My bike my be a 1974?
    and yours a 1972? I have spent many hours to find good pics of the Ted Williams bike, thanks for sending them in to OTSG.

  • Zack Southwick

    I too have a sears Ted Williams Free Spirit 10 Speed. I rescued it from a Salvation Army store in North Carolina. It had Flat tires, I paid $15 dollars for it. Had to have been weel made cause I have hAD now for around 8 years and have riden it plenty. I love these old 10 Speeds. They are so smooth riding and can get goin pretty fast.

  • http://OldTenSpeedGallery Wooden Shoe Biker

    Wow, I wish I had read about the fixie conversion on a shoestring two weeks ago before ordering 225 bucks worth of wheels and tyres. Oh well I saved all the ten speed parts and am good with a wrench. I do appreciate the turkey bone Dia compe brake levers. Drops are neat to look at but I ride upright most of the time. Aero only into a windstorm. Thanks for the technical tips. I can not quite envision Ted Williams on a 10 speed however. Arthur Ashe yes.

  • pop tarts

    I have literally have the exact same bike but mine doesnt say ted williams on the front