• firenbones

    Gazelles were made in the Netherlands back in the 1970s. The high-end ones were quite nice.

  • Ed

    My first 10 speed was a Gazelle purchased from paper route earnings for $198 in 1972. It was half the weight of schwinn continental and geared for the hilly river town where I lived. It’s only weakness was the rear axle which I sheared twice. It was my favorite bike until it was stollen in 1977. It had a simplex derailer set and quick release hubs (front and back) with centerpull brakes.

    • Larry

      Great post Ed. Bought my Gazelle in ’71 with paper route money as well. In fact, exact same bike as Doug’s pictured above only I took the carrier off the back. Came with a really cool racing cap and clips to keep my bell bottoms from getting caught in the nasty looking sprocket up front. Believe it or not, just took a 20 mile ride on it today.

      • Paul

        That’s funny! I also bought mine with newspaper route money in 1973! Rode mine down hill 45-50 mph passing cars. (Crazy 17 year old) Mine was also stolen but 3 months later I saw a guy riding it. I could tell the Gazelle shape. I got it back and still have it today. Great bike!

  • Mike

    I saw your picture of the white Gazelle Tour de l’Avenir and it took me back. My favorite bike back in college in the early-mid 70s. Took me everywhere, as I had no car. A real gem. Thanks for posting.

  • http://klassiekeracefiets.wordpress.com/ Theo

    Tour de L’Avenir was the lower end roadracer of Gazelle, the first years they had brackets mounted on the end of the forks to make possibel to put fenders on it and luggage racks as well. The frame was just 3 tubes of Reynolds 531, rather than the Gazelle Champion Mondial top racer which was 100 % Reynolds 531.
    The Tour de L’Avenir I had was equipped with Suntour VX derailleurs, High Flange Weinmann rims, Weinmann sidepull brakes, Pelissier hubs and SR stem, handlebars and crankset. I bought it 15 jears ago on the Waterlooplein fleemarked for 100 guilders; like $ 50,- in reasonable condition.
    I converted the bike into an randonneur and did great milage on it in Italy, Great Britain and Holland. Recently I replaced the frame for a Gazelle Champion Mondial G10 frame which I found abandoned along the road: Finally 100% Reynolds 531 🙂
    Tour de L’Avenirs are great bikes for little money. They can stand a lot of punishment, mine never let me down.

  • Brian Miller

    Just picked up a very similarly equipped Gazelle but it looked like non-factory black over the original white. No stickers or model information left. Do you know anything about the tube set? Mine had: Simplex shifters BF stem, cottered crankset, Wienmann Vanquier brakes, Shimano Skylark rear derailleur.