• Joe

    Why not go with the factory Sachs equipment? I am the original owner of an unmolested ’87 Triathalon that looks almost the same as this one. In 1990, I put a yellow & black wrap on the handlebars. Other than that & tires, mine is as new. I put many miles on it before I hung it op in the early ’90s. Still is a work of art I love to look at. ( are these things collectors items now?)

  • Erich O’Mara

    Will 150 dollars get me that bike? If it will, call 914-255-5368 if not email me,
    Nice bike,
    Erich O’Mara

    • Canant_t

      I have this same bike and would be willing to sell it to you, email me back if your still interested Canant_t@yahoo.com

  • Donnie Hills

    Cool bike. I have the same one that I used to ride a lot in the early 90’s. It’s been in storage in my garage for a while. Any idea on what these bikes are worth now? Thanks,

  • Jim

    I had one of these for a while. The seat stays were oval, which was quite impressive, I always thought!

  • Sarina Garibovic

    I had this bike but it was stolen from me. If anyone has this Peugeot or one that looks similar to this, please contact me as I am looking to buy a new one. Thank you.

    • johnny

      hi well my dad brought a bicicle in the flea market here in tampa fl but my father want to fix it because it has one rim broke need new tires tubes and a lot work…

  • john

    i bought a peugeot triathlon, white with chrome forks and leather brookes saddle, yesterday, very oily and full of greasy handmarks, but a real classic garage find. i saw one advertised on gumtree for £2,000. he would be lucky to get £200 surely, or are they such a classic now?

    • Rich

      I just bought one for £80.00, immaculate condition.

  • http://totalschwarr.weebly.com fro

    trying to find out the exact year. think mine is pretty damn similar. see here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/riskyrax/3818471060/

  • http://kaguiar@socal.rr.com Kevin

    I have a Peugeot “Triatalon” that is red with similar stripes as on Dru’s above. It originally had white cables, seat and handle bar wrap. that I changed to black. Any idea of value? It has been garaged all the while and in pretty nice shape. I believe it is a early 80’s. May be interested in selling it. Any info. please e-mail or call (661) 803-0047

  • Ryan

    I have the same Peugeot and love it. It’s my second actually. Got doored and lost the first unfortunately. But the forks are a little bent and the handle bars have been choped on this one and I was wondering if anyone knew where to look for original parts. Any info e-mail to onelove1unity@yahoo


    Hello All. I may not be in the right place but I NEED HELP! Need a front fork for my 1987 Peugeot Triathlon bike. Please, Please help me.


    • jim

      You’ll be lucky to get the original but if you pop into a bike shop they’ll put a new chrome fork on it for you. Or, you could even get a carbon fork for a bit of fun! If you live miles from anywhere, you’d need to use ebay. I think its a threaded 1″ fork but others would know more.
      What happened to the old fork?

  • Paul Muzni

    I have a peugeot triathlon with chrome forks, he s in good condition. Had it since 1987 and now am thinking of selling as too small for me. If anyone interested pls give me an offer. thanks , Paul

    • B Oreilly891

      Paul have you still got this peugeot triathlon?

  • Willy

    I have the entire original bought new when I was 17 years old; and I used it for 20+ years. To me it is still a great bike but I upgraded.

  • Willy

    I have the entire original bought new when I was 17 years old; and I used it for 20+ years but it is still in great shape. To me it is still a great bike but I upgraded to a Specialized Allez Pro in 2003. Reluctantly, but willing to sell, email me at SellMyStuff2012@comcast.net.

  • Oguz

    Can someone add Oguz Cagan Burma in facebook so i can show my bicycle’s photos and learn brand/model