• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    That is one sweet look`n ride! My favorite Schwinn color of all time. A lot of people don`t know this but that statuary is titled:
    ” You bought a bicycle! Are you out of your mind!”

  • laverack

    The monument is in honor of Ted and Edna “Bitsy” Crandall, pioneering Bigfoot/Sasquatch pranksters.

  • E dirty

    I’ve got a 71 conti in yellow, it has color matched hard plasticky tape on the bars, which have really nice exaggerated curves. That tape looks like the stuff I rewrapped my fuji with.

    5 bucks says it’s got ice blue bar tape under the black stuff.

    • edh

      You got me wondering about that now. I may have to sneak a peak under the black stuff.

  • older1

    What a great find, Ed! You’ve got it looking great, too!
    Too many years ago, I owned a similar-vintage HTF chrome-fendered Collegiate in the same color that served me well.

    At the risk of engaging in unappreciated wistful and poignant melodrama, whether you realized it or not, the position of your gleaming-blue riderless bike between the two statues under a cold, overcast sky is a wonderful metaphor of aging. It depicts, in spite of days when the sun hides, how bicycles serve to enjoyably transport us, from the sowing spring of birth when life begins, through to the harvesting fall in death which we all must eventually face.
    Oops, too heavy for the kids in the OTSG crowd? There’s a reason my handle is “older1”!

  • Jonathan Sanders

    Beautiful – thanks for the memories. My first “real” purchase with my own money was a powder blue Schwinn Continental in 1974. Loved that bike. Sad day when it was stolen from the college bike rack in 1982. I now ride a ~1980 Fuji Gran Tour SE 12sp that I bought used in 1985 for $200.

  • Kathleen Stocker

    That’s my bike exactly! I bought it when I graduated from the 8th grade. 1975 brand spanking new. I loved that bike. I could ride it no handed for blocks! (I was so cool!)😎
    I still have it in my garage. I could never part with it but now I think it’s time. There’s no way that I could ride it today. It’s a man’s bike and way to tall for me. I’ve shrunk 3”. 👵🏻