• edh

    I have overhauled the whole bike, the cotter cranks are now gone, the bottom bracket was shot. I salvaged parts from a 1986 Schwinn Sprint, it rides great now. I will upload new photos as soon as the temperature warms up.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com sprocket56

    Is that another Simplex front derailleur?

  • edh

    @ sprocket56, Yep and it was cracked a little,but it did work. It did not work with the cranks and bottom bracket combo I put on it. Now it has Suntour components. I wanted to keep it original but at the same time I want to be able to ride it. I have all of the old components and could put them back on if I ever find a bottom bracket that in good condition that will work. Right now it rides nice as is, the donor bike was never riden so the components are in great shape.

  • zach

    hey, i too have a KALKHOFF super sport, picked it up at a thrift store for 15 bucks. great conditions, original simplex de-railer, rides like a charm. any clue how much there worth?

  • zach

    or when they where made? i have pictures of my bike if you want to take a look?

    • edh

      @ Zach I would like to see your bike.

      I am not sure what they are worth.

      I found a guy on craigslist in Wisconsin selling a fixed gear version for around $400. For whatever that piece of information is worth.

  • zach
    • edh


      I have only seen them in blue up until now.

      It seems to be in much better shape than mine.

  • http://www.mezagog.com Richard

    I have a white Super Sport that I was given by my wifes Aunt. It was outside in their backyard for ever. Serious rust issues. Will rebuild with vintage Campy parts. At least thats the plan now.

  • Michelle

    I bought a Kalkhoff bike from Craigslist a year ago (I spent a lot more than you did 🙁 ). There is a sticker on it from a bike shop in Minneapolis that I think closed in the early 70’s. What have you found out about this company? I have been wondering how old my bike is.

  • zach

    i took mine to a bike shop and asked them what they thought.
    the guy there said that the simplex derailer was made sometime in the 50’s or sixties. as for the company it is in west germany i think, their main focus now is electronic bicycles and fold aways. i couldn’t find any record of a kolkhoff super sport untill this website, and a guy who turned one into a fixed gear on craigslist.
    as for how much they are worth? that depends on how good of shape they are in, mine has next to no rust, most of the originial stickers are intact, rides like a champ.
    i would let that bike go for at least 450-650 dollars.
    but good luck in this economy.

  • John

    I have an early 70’s red Kalkhoff Super Sport that my wife has been bugging me to get rid of but I want to restore. Needs new decals but there’s no rust and I’d have to repaint. I did replace the rear derailleur with a very nice one years ago. My question is where or if you can get decals?

  • Edh

    I rebuild the bike with better components, and rode it off and on for about a year. Then this weekend converted it to a fixed gear. I saved everything I removed so one day it could be returned to it’s 10 speed glory.

    • Bill

      Ed…guess you are the owner/moderator. How can I contact you directly and privately?

  • Babis

    I have an earlier one, but yours is in better shape. I would like new decals but didn’t found any. If you found any please inform me.

  • austin

    ive recently enhereted a kalkhoff bike that i have been looking to identify, it says its an “original” made in germany, its orange in color, and i cannot find another one like it on the internet or anywhere. Does anybody know what it is or what its worth? thanks

    • Bill

      do you want to sell the bike…I’d like to see some pictures

    • Bill

      I’m still interested in seeing a photo of the orange Kalkhoff 10 speed

    • William H. Hoot

      well nothing else has worked so here it is…it’s very likely mine, stolen from my residence (chained and locked) at 8310 Hathaway Drive, Austin Texas. Police report was filed with APD back in 1981, believe I still have the keys, yeah it’s rare, unusual and still mine. If you ever read this…know it is Orange, I toured all over Germany and Austria on it and I still miss it!!!!!!!!!! Thanks!

  • Bike

    I have an old kalkhoff I’m restoring but can’t replace the bottom bracket? Does anyone know what these ones take

  • Vic

    Does anyone know where i could find an original cotter crank right side.

  • Felicia Sims

    Hi, my Husband has a 1919 Blue Kalhoff Supper Sport bicycle, and we can’t find out how much it is worth, does anybody know how to guide me so i can find out it’s worth,