• John Adams

    Nice job. It looks almost new in the photos.

  • ted

    super jealous, this is such a great looking bike! I love that its a huffy and still so pretty

  • John

    I own your bikes Sister. I ride it everyday, it’s been a damn good bike to me. I’ve owned it for four years now. Out of the thirty bikes i own, She’s my fav.

  • Edward

    I’ve taken it a couple of times with the family to ride the River Trail and Big Dam Bridge here in Little Rock. For slow family riding, it is just right. I did have to swap the handlebars for some that turn back toward me. The straight riser bars hurt my wrists.

  • Ashley

    Wow, now that is great looking! I have a Huffy Bay Pointe lady cruiser sitting in my garage that I found sitting outside of a house with a free sign on it. The frame is in great condition but she needs a little love, know anything about the brakes for these bikes?

  • Edward

    The brakes are ordinary side pull. Despite new pads, they squeak like all get out.

    Just bought new grips, tan rubber “city bar” grips, a longer seat post, and a Wald rack for it today.

  • http://focus.arkansasonline.com/photos/index.php?i Edward

    The Huffy made our statewide daily paper.


    We were out for a ride on 4 flea-market bikes. Total cost $99.

  • http://none Jennifer B.

    Very nice picture! I’d be super jealous if I hadn’t just picked up mine, (looks near the same) from the Goodwill store. 😉 Currently it is being re-geared, having a tune up and getting some new tires n tubes. The bike cost 24.99 but the tune up with parts and labor is more than 100! 🙂 Still, I graduated in 1984 and really appreciate a bike from the “Breaking away” era. Enjoy! Only wish I could find tan hand pads to replace the ones there already. Will look.