• Hugh

    Nice clean bike. The first wheel I trued came out straight, but not exactly round lol.

  • Pfaff

    Pie plate……check.

    Foam grips……check.

    Suicide brake levers……check

    Integrated chain guard on the crank……check.

    That sir is a grade A old ten speed.

    If you only had a rear wheel reflector, it would feel complete.

  • Edward

    That’s a brand new pie plate that cost about half what the bike did. I did not even notice that the rear wheel reflector had fallen off!

    I can’t get used to the drop bars, though. They make me feel like I don’t have the bike under decent control.

  • Pop Richmond

    Any idea on the year? I think mine is an 86, judging by the derailers.

  • Pfaff

    Wait……a bike shop charged you for a pie plate???

    I’d start going to another bike shop.


    I walked into my LBS the other day needing a pair of cheap skewers. They handed me a box of old steel ones and told me to take as many as I liked. I ended up with 2 practically new pairs.

    If you ever need another pie plate, I will get your address and send you a box of them. Alloy ones, steel ones, plastic ones, every type of pie plate under the sun.

  • Steve

    I just got a Raleigh Capri last Monday. Mine looks remarkable similar, down to the stickers, accessories, pie plate and reflectors. Got it completely fixed up for around $95; a pretty good deal in Austin, TX. I’m loving it so far, when I got it I thought that it would require a lot of work but it has held up pretty well. I had to get rid of my foam grip because it was thrashed, but everything else on the bike appeared to be original (except for the rust on every component). The only different thing about your bike from mine are the Raleigh logo on the bike, mine are a slightly different style (I actually prefer yours much more than mine which are a boring white on black). I guessed that mine was a ’87 model, but I haven’t confirmed it yet. Strangely I saw another Capri just like mine (exactly identical) on Thursday.

    • noah

      I have one that sounds just like yours. Found it crashed on the side of the road, abandoned. I fixed it up and rides pretty well. the wheels are a little odly sized though

  • curious

    These old Raleigh Capris have the standard 700C tires on them?

    • PJ

      are tire sizes for these old Raleigh Capri 10-speeds (700×23 or 700×25)?

  • Davilatl

    Does anyone know what year the Capri is in the picture? Just curious since I have the same bike.