• jc

    where can i get some white walled 27″ tires like that? only ones i can find are on ebay

  • Edward

    I ordered them from Niagara Cycle Works. They are sold as “Pyramid” brand, but I think they’re Kendas. They were less than $10 each.


  • Patrick

    fantastic job…that bike looks killer!

  • Edward

    Just wanted to note that the front derailleur works backwards from most. Tension keeps it on the low sprocket, while a slack cable lets it move to its natural position on the high gear. This puzzled me at first when I was putting fresh cables on it.

  • julie s

    About those shifters; thought I was going senile; but that’s how they worked back then. Into the 80’s somewhere direction changed! Always parked mine in high gear to save on the cable stretch. Strange to park it in low.

  • Ann

    Hi! I just bought this same exact bicycle over the weekend and it definitely needs new tires so I think I’m going to check out those Sunlite Road Raised tires you put on this one. I am noticing this bike is a lot heavier than my Raleigh though and was wondering if you had any tips on how to lighten it up at all?