• Edward

    I stopped at a yard sale recently and found two bikes that I would have bought at $20 or less. The seller had them priced at $100 each! They put “vintage bike” on the tags. I left them my number and said I’d pay $20 each when they were ready to get rid of them.

    Two days later, the bikes were up on Craigslist. One, a beat-up Takara, was still at $100. The other, a Motobecane mixte, also very chipped and rusted, was priced at $175!

  • Hugh

    I hear you Edward.I really love it when someone see`s a fully restored bike for sale. And through some twisted logic they figure their un-restored one must be worth the same amount. Never mind the 30 year old gum walls that are hard as a rock. Or the seized-up derailleurs and the rusty cables. It`s a classic for God`s sake! It must be worth a fortune!