• edh

    Those drops look odd, still a nice bike.

    • Cameron

      yeah, we have a few bikes in the Gallery with those weird backward “L” drops. Usually of the Coluhuffrray variety.

      • http://www.amazon.com/gp/cdp/member-reviews/A1E0APHODMK896/ref=pd_ys_homenav_rev?ie=UTF8&sort_by=MostRecentReview Eric Hildebrand

        Yeah, that style of drop is actually one of the things that gives this bike a sense of personality.

  • Dennis

    That is a great find-before it finds a new rider
    would it have a 73 or 74 in the 14 digit serial number–like 50217425 854158.

    • http://www.facebook.com/mike.pinter Mike Pinter

      Thank you for that! Waddaya know, the bike is older than me! It has a 74 in the serial number.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.pinter Mike Pinter

    I have that very bike myself! The paint is kind of mother-of-pearl or opal. Softly glittery. It first belonged to my uncle and then to my older brother. I wish it looked as pristine as yours does!

    I had to change the pedals some years ago because one fell apart. The serrated lengthwise parts where the reflectors were heat rivetted on came apart one day and we couldn’t re-constitute them. They were held together by a sort of tongue fitted into a groove on the ball-bearinged pieces and twisted to rivet.

    Currently it is laid up because I have to source a new rear cogwheel and have been lax about it. I’d love to repaint it and put it in the kind of shape yours is. Any way of getting original stickers for it?

  • akrds00

    This is an awesome pic! I’m actually working on this very model myself now…Just finished stripping off a bad paint job and I’m going to start painting tomorrow. I think I’ll turn it into a purple & gold track bike (local school colours) but will probably paint it metallic grey as an in between color so I can monitor the worn/damaged spots for rust and finish up the works!
    Those tires are awesome though!!
    Do you remember what kind they are?

  • Nate Page

    I just got the sane bike in think ima ref do the psint job n sell it very nice tho