• Trailer Park Cyclist

    Eric I don’t know what you are going to name the bike but you can start calling yourself “Lucky.”

  • Ryan Surface

    First of all that is a beautiful road bike you have there Eric I am sure it rides as smooth as it looks. My best guess would be a 80’s something Bianchi Limited. Go to http://www.birota.ru/catalogues/index.php?g=b&b=27 and check out the 1986 catalog. The limited came with: “Shimano Ultegra 600 SIS Component group Tange double butted chrome-moly frameset..”

  • Anonymous

    Wow. Sweet! How come I never see bikes that nice at any of the garage sales I hit?

    As for names, how about something Italian: Lorenzo, Marcello, Giovanni?

  • Raincity

    I think it’s a mid 80s Bianchi sport SX. There is one on ebay but in red.
    You are very lucky!

  • Jim

    How about Vincenzo, which I understand to mean “Conqueror” in Italian. You can nickname it “Vin” or “Vinnie”. You have got to love yard sales … especially after this find!

  • BeaterRezQ

    How ’bout Juan or Pedro?

  • BeaterRezQ

    Ooops! Pedros’ already taken, my bad!