• Jan Valentin

    Great bike! You can presumably expect some nice riding for a string of years. Godd work! And wow! how you required it! Such a “find” is no longer possible in Sweden, since old ten-speeds are known to be affordable and long-lasting and popular for the fixie-generation/single-speed. Ride on! /Jan.

  • http://www.bucksbicycling.com Eric Elinow

    Thanks Jan. I just got back from my morning ride through our hilly local terrain and couldn’t be more pleased with the bike. I’ve lost 3.5 kg in the past 2 weeks just from short 8-12 km daily rides with the occasional 32 km trip (on my city bike which needs the rear dérailleur adjusted badly before I ride it again).

    It is a bittersweet find due to the value of bicycles on a whole being seen as something for the young only. Toys if you will, until they ‘grow’ into motorised transport. We’re collectively hoping to change that with a europeanisation effort by those of us who appreciate what Europe as a whole has given the world in terms of sensibility, and bicycles are just the beginning.

    Thanks again for your kind words. What do you ride if you won’t mind me asking?


  • Ryan W

    Hello, I just recently purchased a Schwinn Sprint just like yours from a garage sale for $10 and I want to fix it up. It needs a new Chain Derailleur and brake cabling, but I have no idea where to find these parts. Do you have an online shop that you recommend? or any tips for a beginner like myself? Should I check my local bike shops and do these parts have to be model specific?

    Thank you!

  • http://www.bucksbicycling.com Eric E.

    Ryan, wonderful find for a mere $10.00 A new Dérailleur can be had from many different makes and models. I would still check with your local bike shop. Many times they have stripped old bikes and have a plethora of parts available.

    The basics for a bike like that are simple… Go to http://www.sheldonbrown.com and everything the beginner (and pro alike) needs is there for your better understanding..

    best of luck!


  • steveopdx

    I just did the same thing this last week. I bought the sprint for $5 along with a similar woman’s bike. I took the best parts from both and with some elbow grease I am very happy. I think I will upgrade the seat and get some decent tires. I think the ones I have are the originals and seem very close to meltdown.

  • patrick

    I had that same exact bike and color and I was madly in love with it and it got me around forever and then a Ford F150 decided to make a bad left at an insersection and hit me going 40 mph and now its a hunk of twisted metal in my backyard. I’m so messed up about it that I am out here googling Schwinn Sprint and trying to just look at a picture of one thats not mangled. Nobody knows, nobody cares.