• Lori

    If you know anyone who is interested, I have a bike that looks just like this but it has a nice gel seat. Let me know

    • shortstitch

      I am interested.
      What size is the frame?

      • jennifer e

        My father is selling his, looks just like the one in the pic, but a bit dustier, a rack ont he back… a good cleaning, blow the dust off and good as new. Make an offer if you are interested. I can send pics. It is in MD.

  • jennifer e

    did I mention that everything is original… It is hanging in my dad’s garage as it has since 1970.

  • edh

    I got that same chainring! I picked it up at a swap meet, used it to replace the heavy steel one on my 1988ish Raleigh Pursuit, which I still need to submit.