• RickS

    Wow, the arabesque components are just flat out awesome.
    I got some from fleabay and am waiting for the right ride to put them on. Very nice

  • http://OldTenSpeedGallery Wooden Shoe Biker

    Pretty nifty derailleur levers. Is this bike made in Australia with the kangaroo decal it seems possible? Hopefully it weighs less than the 1977 Montgomery Wards ten speed I recently stripped some good parts off of and than set the lead/steel frame on the curb for the salvage pickers and it did not last a few hours and was picked up. Nice looking Road Ace.

  • Escalante

    They’re definitely some of the more ornate components I’ve come across. Although from what I’ve read they weren’t really considered top of the line or anything. The kangaroos are deceptive. The bike has a prominent MADE IN JAPAN decal.

  • Mads

    I have the exact same bike, and I must say I appeciate this post, as I cannot find any information on this bike! I have all the original parts on it, but some of them are pretty worn out. I do want to tune it up, and I just bought a new saddle (Avocet RS Racing Special Buffalo Hide Road), because an expert I met claimed that this was the nearest saddle to the original I would find. The pedals are leather, but are almost completely worn out. I don’t know where to aquire new ones, since I don’t know the name of them.