• John

    I just bought a similar Sekine to fix up. The pie plate does indeed have ‘Sekine” stamped in it along with a number of interesting features.

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Hey John,

      Send it in! We don’t have near enough Sekines hangin’ out here.

  • Lacey’s Mom

    Wow! I bought a used Sekine 10 speed in 1976, and never should have let it go.
    I loved that bike. And just today, I was visiting my hometown and spotted one just like it on the back of the car in front of me (same aqua green color, even). I did a quick lane change just to chase it for a couple blocks and admire it. Ah, be still my heart..

  • John Max

    I just bought a sekine.. it is awsome..

  • Skip

    I have a white Sekine which I bought new. It is all original, including the tires. Now it is time to part with it should anyone be interested.

  • Jesiah

    I have a Sekine that my neighbor decided to give to me randomly, all I needed to do was change the tires and tubes and re-wrap the handlebars and she was good to go. I will not let her out of my sight now, it’s my baby

  • Allan Shields

    In mid July I bought 2 rusted bicycles for $10 from a huge garage sale in a town 25 miles west of Trois Rivieres, Quebec. When I started to clean and tune them up I noticed that I had a SEKINE with the words “World’s Best Bicycle” on the frame. Compulsively I put the bike for sale on a free website, for $100.00. A woman bought it right away and I hope she realizes that she had a great Deal! I am sorry I didn’t do any research before selling it.

    • Tony

      I have 2.. They are sweet.. I would consider selling one, but I haven’t been able to find any info on them. Mine have the jewel in the badges, and they say ‘World Finest Bicycle’ and of course the name in the pie plate.. And quick release everything!
      If you could direct me to any info I would be very greatful..
      I would only consider selling the one because I really don’t need 2. And I’d like to think that Skip still has his to get rid of!! Or Someone with a different color than the twins I have..
      Thank you!

  • Dan

    Bought mine (just like the pic) second hand in Iowa City in 1982. Rode it across Iowa for the 1983 RAGBRAI. Still have it, but don’t ride it as much as I should. Great bicycle. Light, beautiful lug work. A real find.

    Nice to see others appreciate it too.

  • geoffrey Allen

    I had a Sekine just like the one Ethan has. I was 14 in 75′ and the coolest kid with that bike.
    I was just a runt of a kid, but could out race guys way bigger than me. One day a little girl stepped out in front of me while at full speed and I hit the front brake as hard as I could and catapulted myself into the curb and the hospital for three days. Man that thing could go! I remember tenth gear was ENORMOUS!

  • Skip

    I have a Sekine which I purchased new. Looks like the photo on this discussion Hanging in my garage. Has the original tires (did not ride it much, guess I liked a motor cycle best). If anyone is interested, please let me know. Fun bike!

    • Skip

      Looked at my Sekine hanging in the garage last night and could not help myself. Filled the tires and took it for a cruise for the first time in years. The original tires held air and the bike worked fine. Just might take it for another cruise this evening.

    • Skip

      As a side note, discovered my hair color now matches the color of the bicycle. Amazing.

    • Tony Daversa

      I am definantly interested..
      Sorry it took so long to reply, but I just found your post..
      Beautiful bike..!

  • Ryan Surface

    The Sekine Pie plate is fantastique mon ami!