• edh

    I suggest you send that bike to me so I can have it! 🙂

    Sorry I could not resist, nice bike sorry I cannot help ID it. Good luck.

  • julie s

    I’d say “Nervex” staped on the bb shell is a slam dunk for a french frame. Any name on the dropouts? Seatpost size? Raleigh would have headbadge holes.

  • Spike

    “Nervex” was a French maker of lugs and bottom brackets, but their products were widely used outside of France, including England, Holland and even the USA (Schwinn Paramount) so that’s no help. It’s definitely not a Raleigh International. Most probably a Dutch bike, perhaps a Batavus or a Gazelle. Workmanship is functional, but the cast dropouts indicate a quality frame for the early 70s nevertheless.

  • Bogdan

    I’ll say it is a Mondia, Swiss bicycle, they use Nervex alot in their products.
    Check this pages: http://www.velo-pages.com/main.php?g2_itemId=22486
    and also look at some pictures here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/30941341@N06/4472040000/in/set-72157623723854626/
    Nice bicycle, anyway it deserve a restoration.