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    Now we’re talkin’, baby! Schwinn Power! And you have a lovely home, FastHerb. I’m curious about the setup on the frame pump. The pump on my ’81 SLT rides under the top tube, held on with velcro and bungee. It works, but I like the looks of that seat tube mount.

  • Mark D

    Schweet! Great story. Makes me proud to be an American! Ride on.

  • older1

    Wow, that’s Super Le Cool, Herb!
    It’s great to see you’ve used your great old Le Tour to actually do a lot of touring! I like your cushy lambswool saddle cover!
    One paragraph leaves my feeble mind spinning with a thousand questions, but I’ll try to keep it brief:
    Have you ever kept track of, or estimated, how many miles you’ve ridden it? Have the chainrings/bottom bracket/headset/pedal bearings been holding up well? What kind of flight case did you use? Which tires do you like the best? Did you use tire-liners? Did you ever have any catastrophic component failures? Did you ever get any funny looks when people noticed you were riding a Schwinn in Europe? Have you had to deal with any illness or injury “on the road”? Looks like you had the classic Cannondale bags and probably a Blackburn rack. Have you ever had lights and/or fenders on it? Okay, I’ll quit before I wear you out…too late? Sorry!

  • Mike D

    That is a perfect example of a fine old steel Schwinn, still functioning well and still beautiful. What a a great period that was, when Schwinn and others were turning out such quality with just the right components. Not the lightest, not the fastest, maybe not the sleekest – but here we are 30 years later and the bike is still going strong! Congrats, Herb, on all of your adventures with your ‘old friend’.

  • John Snyder

    Beautiful bike! I like it!
    I also really like those panniers (Cannondale?).
    They look compact, steamline, and not too bulky.I’d like some like that to put on my ’73 Super Sport.

  • mike

    You are right Herb, they are a little heavy but unstoppable. I have a ’83 Schwinn Traveler, my first bike I bought after getting a real job. 28 years later its still fun to ride ( and all original except for tires). Keep on riding and enjoying, thanks for submitting