• Matt K

    Very nice!

  • Mark D

    Love your bike, and especially the obvious bond you have developed with it. The VO 700c 37mm or 45 mm hammered fenders are about half the price of the Honjos ($55 vs. $95) and they are really nice fenders.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    There is no better way to bond with your bike than to take it completely apart and re-assemble it. Nice attention to details, It looks great (:

  • Ryan

    I just came into the same exact bike although I think mine was made in 1983. Mine’s the same color and everything.

    • felix

      that is great – finally someone who got the same one. do you have any onformation on it?
      i can’t find almost anything on the net. why do you think it’s from 83?

  • Ryan

    It was hard for me to find any information on this as well. I found the hubs were stamped 83 and I think I found a stamp on one other component. I got the bike from my uncle. I’ll ask if he knows what year he purchased the bike. I actually am getting the matching womens Motobecane Mirage Sport bike. My Uncle and his wife bought matching bikes. Shortly after their purchase, she was diagnosed with cancer and they never got the opportunity to ride either of them so they’ve been in storage for all these years.

  • BJK

    Felix: You’ve got yourself a fantastic bike at a decent price. For the past 5 + years I’ve been watching older Motobecanes, especially Mirages and Mirage Sport models, increasingly commanding higher prices. They are getting very hard to find on places like ebay, and the (often poor shape) ones you can find are commanding top dollar. The small 2-numbered stamp found on the (original) hubs is the correct date of manuf. I have a Mirage that is also an ’83. The Sport is an upgraded bike. People bitch about the weight of the frame (not Chrome-Molybdenum Steel), but for a daily commuter this bike cannot be beat: the frame is indestructable, in 30 yrs of riding never saw or heard of one failing due to crash. The paint jobs on these ~ ’80’s are beautiful: very high quality ‘metallic’ finish. I notice it on your bike. Love the ‘Motobecane’ graphics. The reason these bikes have become almost impossible to find is they are solid, very well-made classic rides, and look beautiful. Great find, good luck!

  • Felix 2

    Hi Felix,
    my Name is also Felix (Little older than you), and I still have exactly one of those in my father’s cellar/basement. I bought it when I still went to School and I am planning on bringing it home (my new home near Cologne Germany) and get it going again soon.Afraid I have to replace the rear wheel though. Maybe I will replace only the rim because of the original hub.
    I remember in the days when I bought it new, the purchase Price was something about 700-750 DM (that is about 350-375 EUR or 400 $). Not a high-end bike (was one of the cheaper proper street-racers at the time) but I still think it looks great.
    Can’t wait to get my Hands on it!
    I prefer the look of the original saddle (colour) but for riding, the Brooks is actually the better choice (have one on my touring bike)
    Have fun with it!