• mark davies

    What a bike i bought one last week at a car boot sale £3.00 it is mint condition even better than the one in the picture.:-)

    i ride it to work i have a couple of bikes but this one is fast knocked 10m ins off my ride

  • Eddie

    I had one of these in 1992 – felt really fast after blundering around on MTBs for years. Got stolen from outside a maternity hospital when I was visiting my wife and new born twin boys! Was well loved during it’s short life with me!

  • ben

    my dad brought one of these home from work, his boss gave it to him for nothing! i have give it a clean up and it rides like a dream, much faster than my saracen bike, but the one i have has a yellow seat, but like i said she rides like a dream

  • http://doohickie.blogspot.com Doohickie

    Forget “don’t ask, don’t tell.” A quarter century ago, all bikes with front and rear derailleurs were referred to as 10-speeds, no matter how many gears they had. How soon we forget!

  • rouleur

    Does anyone know what the frame material is on these bike, 531, 501?


  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/0608863915369744969 Doohickie

    I think they were Pb.


  • AWilko

    How much would this sell for. I’ve oot one too which I’ve had since I was a kid and is still in mint condition with orginal parts?

  • ironTam

    Just found an old frame – very scruffy, but solid; it’s Reynolds 501.

    Paintwork was too rough (shame) – had it sandblasted & powder-coated.

  • paul hughes

    i have afalcon team banana,for sale,can anyone tell,ho wmuch i would get for it thanks paul.

  • Johnniec1975

    If anyone has a Falcon Team Banana for sale please call John on 07811 2223566..Gloucester,, Thank’s…

    • Johnniec1975

      Sorry I got the number wrong,, John on 07811 222356. Any condition Falcon Team Banana Raceing Bikes for sale!!…Gloucester