• http://cartoongoddess.com cartoongoddess

    Ooooooh! Love that one! Very sweet!

  • Edward

    Probably built here in Little Rock. The old factory still exists, but it looks like it has been converted to a trucking company.

  • Barry

    I recognize those style handlegrips/brakelevers. My dad had them on his 3 speed new in 1972.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Did AMF buy Road-Master too! (Like they did H.D.)or is that the model name? inquiring minds want to know

  • Edward


    Yes, they owned Roadmaster, and Harley Davidson!

    See the Wikipedia entry for AMF: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Machine_and_Foundry


  • Edward

    There’s a beautiful AMF bike sitting in the window of a pawnshop here in town. I went in one day and asked the owner the price. He said “a thousand dollars.”

    He has it on display and won’t part with it.

  • Flash

    Update: I added a rusty old 6v generator set to the bike, the front light has no lens,just the bare bulb, but it works and looks apocalyptic. I also added a rear rack with bungie cord. After some headset work, I can now ride this bike straight hands-off. Not bad for a frame made of tubes pressed into holes.

  • mar10

    Well said my friend…

  • Bon

    Hey Flash,
    I believe I have the same bike. She belonged to my grandmother who, from my understanding, bought her in the 70’s. Do you still have the bike today and perhaps know the value?

  • Whit Carmichael

    I have the same one just like this how much do you think this one’s worth

  • Whit Carmichael