• Marc B.

    Hello. I’m from Sydney, Australia and am genuinely interested in caring for this really beautiful bike. I’d be quite happy to not only pay for the bike and delivery fee, however also a small additional fee for any inconvenience caused in packaging it.
    Please feel free to contact me on marcsbrandon@gmail.com, or +61 2 8303 3805.
    I’m assuming that the name Suteki is based on the Japanese word beautiful, cause it looks amazing.
    All the best from the other side of the world and happy cycling.

    Marc Brandon.

  • Nathan

    i as well am from the little town of windsor ontario, i m wondering how much you are selling it for

  • Brianne

    I also have this bicycle for sale. I’m in Vancouver Canada.

    I don’t have the original black handlebar foam but I do have brand new black cork bar tape on it. I just cleaned up the gears and chain rings.

    If anyone is interested I was thinking $175 would be fair? Its a rare bike so there aren’t a lot of prices to check. There are a few superficial scratches on the frame, and a partially fallen off sticker on the chain stay.

    email me at stewartbrianne at gmail dot com if interested!

  • Elton Weaver

    is the suteki for sale?