• http://waterloobikes.ca Rob

    Great bike. And great English. Some tape really dresses up an old beater.

    Better than mine and it’s my first language

  • julie s

    Great headbadge! I think you may need a bigger frame by the looks of that seatpost. Love the fenders. Your english is just fine/wouldn’t have known it is your second language if you hadn’t said so. Nice ride.

    • older1

      That’s a good call, Julie. François could probably consider a more appropriate 58 or 60 cm frame size when he chooses his next bike.

  • older1

    Congratulations, François! Your english is much better than many who live south of your country’s border!

    Just keep your chain oiled, and don’t forget to carry: at least one spare tube (and/or patch kit), air pump, pressure gauge, with a rag and some basic tools to fix a flat (and increase the load in your backpack)!

    With that much daily travel, in the very near future, an inspection and overhaul of the bearings, beginning with the axle bearings, then the bottom bracket, and finally the headset and pedals, should be performed.

    Also, since daylight is diminishing this time of year, you might also consider adding some reflective tape to the bike and/or personal or mounted lighting if you are going to ride into the evening.

    Other than that, if the rims run true, the spokes are still tensioned, and the brake pads are still acceptable, any quality, lugged-frame OTS should be durable enough to last a lifetime.