• Brother Johnq\

    Hey there, that’s a beautiful specimen there. I just bought an identical one today, or so I believe, though not in nearly such nice shape. I’ve managed to find the serial (4B01847) and am looking for some resources for a positive I.D. on the bike. How did you track down the year of manufacture?

    • Blain

      It was made in February (B=2nd month) of 1974 (the 4) and the rest is the number of this bike made in that month.

    • Tomshiba

      Brother Johnq,

      Try this site to date your bicycle.


  • mike

    I have a Le Tour frame from about that year! I bought it off a friend for 15 bucks and put all new parts on it.


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  • brian

    hey i have that exact le tour but i have converted it with its origional parts to a single speed, looks great rides great awesome bike

  • benjamin1945

    Dave, I have a ’74 LeTour and the serial # starts with “C4” meaning it was built in the 3rd month of ’74. Look at your number and you can tell when it was built. The Le Tours were built by Panasonic, I think. …Ben

    • Rachelwilloughby

      my dad has this bike. how much is is it worth? his looks like it is old, 1970 ish….found in a basement dont think it was rode much

  • http://N/A Benjamin W.

    Are the reflectors on the spokes original? Thanks!

  • Rand

    I bought an identical bike like this as a teenager (even the same yellow color)in 1974 with money I earned from a summer job. I rode it all through college and sold it around 1982 when I quit riding. What a great machine!

    I now have a 1985 World Sport I got from my brother a dozen years ago, but still miss the Le Tour.

  • Sean

    Anyone interested in selling their 1974 yellow Schwinn le tour?? I had one that was my dads until I was hit by a minivan while riding. I’m looking to replace/rebuild my bicycle. I really need a frame. thank you.

    • CCR

      I have one..like new in PA

  • Chase

    Yeah, I am interested in purchasing this bike as well! How, much, for it, Bob??

    • Dwilliams975

      I have an original red 1974 with 208 miles on it, mint.

      Would sell if the price is right.

    • Dwilliams975

      I have an original red 1974 with 208 miles on it, mint.

      Would sell if the price is right.

      • Glenn Watson

        My 1974 Opaque Red Le Tour was stolen when I was in college and I want another one! Please contact me because I am determined to find a replacement (after 30+ years!)

  • Alejandro

    i bought the same bike but in blue and i bought it for $120.00 i didnt really know how much it was worth? or did i get a good deal?how much is it?

  • Ben

    Sean, keep an eye on eBay. I’ve seen several yellow Le Tours (’70s) that are for sale.

  • lisia road hunter

    I’m pregnant right now so I can’t ride but when I saw this baby at my local swapmeet I had to get it my hubby rides her and she rides like a beauty I bought for 140

  • Olj74

    I have a 1974 Scwinn Le Tour identical to this one listed above from Bob’s Garage. My right side crank arm is stripped and wont allow my petal to screw on properly. I cant find anywherr around here that has a crank arm compatible with the Schwinn Le Tour, can you tell me i there is a site where I can get a crank arm as well as any older parts for a 1974 Le Tour, any info will be appreciated 🙂

  • Willie black

    I have a lemon yellow 1974 Schwinn Le Tour its been sitting in my garage for 10 years..I found it years back with the tires rotted completely off…Its all original…All that its missing is the kickstand…Could post picks if u guys would like to see it…I was also wondering how much u think its worth?