• http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Nice clean looking bike. I agree, loose the seat bag. Sometimes “less is more”.

  • Mark D

    So, the yellow bar tape and blue/red seat is how you got it? Nice bike, and the best part is that you love it. The paint actually looks good. Guess you want a different color. Be sure to post pics when you’re finished. Are you stripping the frame before painting?

    • Mark D

      What I meant was, did you strip it yourself? Not enough coffee this morning . . .

  • Gabe S

    Yes the yellow bar tape and blue/red seat is how I got the bike. It is currently back together and riding better than ever! I had the frame repainted exactly like it was so no change in color. I sent the frame to Allan Wanta in CA; so no I did not strip it myself. As for the much hated seat bag — I frequently ride past a metal scrap yard and unfortunately the contents of the “seat bag” are used more than I would want so it stays for now. Here is a link to some picture:

  • Alex K.

    I love these bikes…they are probably some of my favorite bikes. The build quality was there. The materials were there. Tange and TrueTemper double butted tubes, nice brazing, forged dropouts, investment cast lugs…the only reason they were/are still cheap was the badge…schwinn. People dismissed them as lowend based on the Varsity/Conti, but the higher up (World Sport and greater) were great riding frames, and will outlast just about everything.