• George Johnson

    Don’t be alarmed Cameron, these pictures were taken while I was recovering from hip surgery. Since then the seat has inched (centimetered?) up and the bars down to more reasonable levels.

  • http://rvabikecommuter.wordpress.com Will

    I think the combo Brooks B-17/Nitto Technomic stem at that height is a great way to ride especially if you want to be comfy for long rides in the saddle. Handlebars seem to work best with the Brooks at or above saddle height with the B-17 in my opinion for whatever that is worth….Otherwise this is a classy cycle for sure! Like the color too!

  • older1

    Very nice, George.
    Always impressive to see genuine leather at rider contact points. Not common, but should be: every time I see it on any bike, it tells me, “that’s the right thing to do.”
    It’s like B.R.Green w/ tan leather upholstery on a vintage 2-seat Healey/MG/Triumph/Jag roadster.
    Thanks for reminding us how inviting it looks!
    Hope you’re recovering well.

  • Nicole

    Would you mind sharing the frame color?