• David

    I love the sleek simple design, it looks great.

  • older1

    Looks super clean, Greg. You’re right, Cameron, Greg did a good job creating his appealing VSVSSB (Vintage Schwinn Varsity Single Speed Bobber); it looks like a great ride (even if it’s somewhat heretical to the OTSG)!
    Like most s-s bikes, thanks to the small chainring, it looks like it would be easy to ride, and undeniably extremely simple to maintain.
    To keep with the bobbed theme and save even MORE weight: delete the chrome fork-crown shell & pie plate! Regardless, that DuPont Imron paint is amazing stuff, though, isn’t it? A little elbow grease and it always polishes up nice.
    The good thing is, OTSG readers can relax: it looks like there’s been no irreversible damage that would prevent returning it to its original OTS configuration!
    At the risk of exhibiting pretentious and gratuitous critique, the last time I checked, a track bike probably wouldn’t have: chrome steel rims, schraeder valves, freewheel, brake, or an integrated kickstand, and would have retained the largest chain ring, but something tells me I’d STILL enjoy riding it!

  • jim

    Very nice Greg. I want to ask something. Is the brake lever comfortable over there?
    I am thinking to do something like that to my bike.