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    Great ride! Then again, I’m biased, since I have the same bike, even the same size. You can see it in the Related Posts; I’m Paul H.

    The Marathon was barely mid-range, but mine has served me very well so far. It was my only road bike for a while. Now it serves as my backup commuter and light tourer. It’s great on unpaved roads.

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    The flatbar inspires new glossary entries:

    Unfortunately Mutated Old Ten Speed

    Very Unattractively Modified Old Ten Speed

    Thoughtlessly Revised Old Ten Speed

    Sadly Neglected Old Ten Speed

    Nearly Original Old Ten Speed

    Wretched Handlebar Install Old Ten Speed

    Uexplained Flatbar Old Ten Speed

    Ugly Mountain Bike Handlebars On An Old Ten Speed

    What In The World Were You Thinking When You Installed Ugly Mountain Bike Handlebars On An Old Ten Speed

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      Okay, Greg, I apologize for my ruthless display of disapproval at what is otherwise a great bike. I admit: I was harsh, in a poor mood that day, and it’s unfortunate what the previous owner did.
      If you could make any effort to do what you can to put drop bars back on it, I’m sure the results would be outstanding, and we’d all like to see it!