• Mike


  • laverack

    Oui!! Could that a unicycle seat? Plus, I’d sure like to have a wee gander of that BSA Javelin, O5S or not.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Wow! As a former unicyclist that was my first impression. But after a second look, I think it is off a Chopper bicycle maybe a Schwinn, O.C.C.or West-Coast Chopper bicycle. But other than the mis-matched saddle, it is a fine road bike for sure.

  • http://www.jedimoose.org mrben

    I’m the recipient of this lovely bike. I had to remove the somewhat unusual saddle – it was a bit too wide for my pelvis to be comfortable (TMI?) – and replace it with a brown Charge Bucket saddle (and soon some matching bartape too). It’ll have done 100 commuting miles by the end of tomorrow, and I am aiming for >1000 miles on it this year.

  • Ian

    I own a Peugeot 103 carbolite bike which I’ve had from new. Mine is silver and in as new condition. I bought it from France in June 1984 for a cost of $200 US dollars. Just thought it might give you an idea of the year.

    Cheers Ian

  • Milton

    What a lovely bike. A great commuter for sure.

    Just a little correction. The model isn’t Carbolite 103. Carbolite 103 is the brand of the steel Peugeot used in their lo-end bikes (in the early 1980’s).

    I have a Peugeot P8 (http://bit.ly/4Ee9pQ), quite similar to the one on display here, and its frame is also made of Carbolite 103.

    http://www.retropeugeot.com is a great site if you’re interested in trying to ID your Peugeot.


  • Ian

    Yes a good site Milton, mine is a p8 as well. It still has the original sticker under the crank set housing next to the serial number.