• firenbones

    Fixies are not cool. Restored classics are cool. Fixies = good for 5 miles. Restored classics = good for 50 miles. In SoCal that bike could sell for $200-250 on CL easy.

  • Hugh

    For the love of God, Man! Don`t do it! Stop the genocide! The slaughter must stop.
    Fixies are the “leisure suits” of the new millennium.What are you gonna say when your grand kids ask, “Grandpa, what happened to all the ten speeds?
    And if you are asking yourself, What the hell is a Leisure-Suit? Then, I rest my case.
    Ride Safe,Hugh

  • Ericsaeter

    Yes, please don’t hack her up. She’s gorgeous!

  • Bob

    What would you do with all of the removed componants? A place for everything and everything in its place – as Peugeot intended!

  • Donald

    I know it’s tempting. The terms “sleek” and “simple” get tossed around as justification. “No maintenance” is seductive. Just don’t do it. Fixed gear is a fad. As previous poster put it, it is indeed the leisure suit of the current bicycle scene. It’ll be embarassing later. Don’t destroy the classics.

  • Donald

    P.S. About the “coolness” factor. 10 speeds are way cooler than fixed gear. fixed gear means trying to hard to be cool. 10 speed just is cool. Simple is cool, but not fixed gear “I spent hours removing components and then adding a rattle-can coat and a foam top tube cover” version of simple. 10 speed “I did as little as possible to just keep her running” version of simple is cool.
    Sorry to rant! Just don’t hack it and accessorize it. Let it be. It already exudes an aura of coolness, as is. AS IS. Isn’t that what this gallery is about?

  • Donald

    (Yes I do realize I’m commenting on a couple year old post. Just needed the outlet!)

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Happy to be an outlet for you.

  • Ryan

    keep it original,peugeot might buy it from you if it scrubs up good as companies tend to have museums now so they buy pieces for them,just an idea