• BeaterRezQ

    …so sad that “coolness” never lingers on too long.
    Herman G., that old Ross is in great condition. To me that bike looks like the equivalent of a Schwinn Varsity, or the likes. I’ve seen some really nice higher end Ross bikes and I’ve also seen some very crappy ones. For an 82-83 it sure is in near to new condition and you shouldn’t have problems selling it.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DA7MJZRL6H5D75LZCV4OBKJL6E jonsenc

    I bought an old Schwinn with the shimano ff system. Novelty wore off quickly when I realized this is not better than the regular crank, freewheel setup. Not to mention it’s absurdly heavy.

  • Ryan Surface

    Are you sure those reflectors are big enough….? LOL nice Ross

  • john h

    Correct me if I’m wrong on this but if you were to swap out that bottom bracket free wheeling stuff for some more conventional set-up, you have a multi-speed fixie. How cool would that be! Nice bike. =)

    • BeaterRezQ

      John H, swapping out the front freewheeling system with a standard one piece crank is a very simple and straight forward process, I did a Schwinn Varsity that had the same set up as the Ross. Rather than go to a multi-speed fixie I turned it into a single speed. Oh and yes, that would be an odd set up and altogether different for sure.

  • Noah

    Bought one for $20, problem is I don’t know bikes well and didn’t inspect as one should. Massive repairs are needed, but came with a (Master) U lock, perhaps I can find a Ross lover and recoup or at least cannibalize it. Seat is in good shape.