• Joe B.

    Headlight – tail-light & fenders! KEWL. 🙂

  • Dan

    Hey, nice looking bike.

    How much would you sell that for or what would you expect to pay to get your hands on one?


  • Antek(Poland)

    I have this one 🙂 but now I’m painting a frame and checking a few parts 🙂 I bought it for 10 Euro 😀

  • Antek(Poland)

    P.s. I have one question about this model.
    How old is it ? 🙂

  • Bogdan

    Hi Hugh,
    Which size wheels are, 27″ or 28″?

  • Kuldip34 Deepcool

    I have one in my home ..in kuala lumpur but its sad we dont have any experts that can repair it ,,its really nice to ride this bike …anyone know how any where i can get the parts for this type of bycle.