• Carson

    Hey! Do you know what year this bike is from? I have the same one! I love it!

  • Skylar Woodman

    Carson, this is a mens’ 1972.

    Look on your headtube, the year is stamped underneath the top of the headset.

    I bought and refurb’d a ’72 Ladies World Sport in an identical colorway.

    • Jessica

      I have a ’72 Ladies world sport that looks just like this. I am trying to find out more about it. Is this an original color theme or did you re-do it?

  • chris w.

    wow! i came across your bike after much research… i love the bike’s composition of new and old, especially its color scheme. Upon further viewing noticed the similar serial number, mine being G1282, yours G128?… i would much appreciate you to contact me with any info you might have on your bicycle. thanks and Good Day! lol

  • Jeremiah Anglin

    Nice bike! I just picked up one exactely like this one at a yard sale today for $4. Its in excellent condition, I cannot wait to take it down and lube it up and ride it. Thanks for the info.

  • tavil

    com0o cuanto vale una de estas? tengo una igual, seminueva…

  • Beatlemaniac

    I have a previous 1985 black ladies 19″ Schwinn World Sport that has been in storage since 1985. I had a bad car accident and was no long able to ride it. Now 53, it’s time for a comfort bike. We got it down last night and I’m cleaning it up for sale. No price set as yet, but it was a sweet ride.