• laverack

    As is always the case, an excellent “Hugh-formation”. You should post a link to your also excellent blog; “Hugh’s Bicycle Blog”. I’d do it , but I don’t know how.

  • James M

    Cool color. Nice bike.

  • Alex K
  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    The best way to get alloy and chrome to shine is to use “lots of elbow-grease” 🙂

  • http://www.patriciaemoody.com patricia e. moody

    I LOVE THIS BIKE!!! I just bought a used Gary Fisher Zebrano on ebay to replace my 3-speed Raleigh, and now that I have 21 speeds, I realize I want to go faster and farther, but maybe with “down” bars instead of straight! Might this bike be for sale? thanks. tricia

    • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

      Sorry to say it is sold. But I am glad you like it 🙂

    • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

      I just found another Vista Carrera 7 today. It is “Hot Red” with some black detail. It has better brakes and a cotter-less 3 piece crank. I think it might surpass this one when it is finished.