• Flash

    I think this AU is a Roadmaster in decal only. Actually, it looks to be better than the US version. Yours has lugs whereas mine has… I don’t know…it looks like the tubes were pressed into holes and…tack welded?(ugh) Yours is really too nice to be a real Roadmaster by AMF. Congrats on your find.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Hands down the nicest bike I have ever seen with the AMF brand on it. Definitely worth keeping as is

  • Cameron

    I think my intro was a little misleading. The AU Roadmaster and the US Roadmaster have nothing in common but the name. I’m not sure who make the AU Roadmaster, but it sure isn’t AMF.

  • Mark D

    Beauty, mate. My favorite part is the “10-SPEED” decal, just in case we weren’t sure. I wouldn’t fixtrate this stud! Thanks for sharing.

  • Laverack

    Fixie conversions, the steroid era of bicycling. Stop the madness……..

  • iain

    You’ll all be glad to know that the GX remains untouched. I’ve gone cold on a fixed wheel road bike as I already have a single speed mtb. I prefer the GX now. This bike, although heavy, is just too nice to ride as is. I’ll leave the fixies for the hoardes!

    • Laverack


  • Craig

    hey, i can tel u, i had one of these, very similar, mine was black w/gold pinstriping around the lugs, it was a fairly cherap brand, and i got mine for xmas in 1977

  • Chris

    I have one exactly the same n would like to sell