• older1

    Very nice, Steve; it’s in beautiful shape!
    Your kids are fortunate to have you as their dad (and, no doubt, vice-versa)!
    Here’s to hoping you’ll roll over the bumps together through the dramatic ‘teen’ years!

  • Steve P

    Thanks for the comments, Jake is 12 and his other bike is an early 70’s Batavus Monte Carlo but the Raleigh is his fast, long ride bike.

    Oh joy, the teen years.


  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Nice job refurbishing that very “classic” and dare I say “English Looking” Raleigh Pursuit. Has your son discovered the “flick-stand” yet? I noticed in the photograph that the bike is leaning against the wall and it is not engaged. I think the flick-stand is one of the coolest little gadgets ever. And much lighter than a kick-stand too. Nice to hear about a father and son enjoying cycling together. I think that is the sort of thing that will make the “teen years” easier for both of you. Cheers, Hugh