• http://oldtenspeedgallery.com/owner-submitted/alex Alex K.

    This thing is amazing. Just wanted to throw that out there. Maybe I should start a Vintagetenspeedgallery.com

  • Todd

    That’s a great looking ride James.

  • Hugh

    Truly a thing of beauty

  • James

    Rear Simplex deraileur replaced the original English Benelux. Original owner said bike came with red fenders. They were later replaced with ESGE fenders. I replaced the badly dried out Brooks leather saddle with a Selle San Marco. Thanks for positive feedback.

  • http://www.balloontirebicycle.com Marc P

    I like the red cables. I am guessing the orig fenders were matching red. Really nice bike!

  • James

    Have taken the bike on rides covering up to 25 miles in distance. I think I finally have gotten the “kinks” out of it. Rides nicely, and the Selle San Marco saddle is very comfortable. Will have to take it out at night and test the Miller generator light set!

  • James

    It got dark before I finished my ride today, so I was able to try out the Miller generator light set. It works great! The headlight switch controls 2 bulbs, so you can either turn on a “high” beam or a “low” beam. The beam I used lets you see the road surface about 6 to 8 feet in front of you. The best part is…no batteries!

  • Jeff Lee

    Memory Lane! I had one of these new and still have it, though much has been changed. This was actually an 8-speed design with benelux touring wide ratio gears – problem was that when I was pedalling hard in low gears the rear wheel would regularly shift in its brackets and jam against the frame/mudguard. Only solved by a total refit with new gears and wheels. Recognise the gorgeous white brake and gear handle covers – they looked so cool in the bike shop! All the cables etc were white originally. Nice to see another Windrush in such good nick.

  • James

    The rear gear cluster and rear derailleur had been changed long before I acquired it. Yes, it was an 8-speed originally. My best guess is that it was converted in the mid-1970s. Do you still have the Miller generator light set? Dawes had been outfitting some of their bikes with them at least as far back as the late 1930s.

    • Jeff Lee

      No, I had battery lights on mine. I still think the SA Dynohub was a great design – no tyre friction, fully enclosed, etc. but as I recall not available as an option when I got my Windrush. I wonder if all Windrush owners changed the gear systems for the same reason… By the way, will the frame (Reynolds 531) still be OK to use? I sometimes wonder if they have a service life and collapse with metal fatigue or if they just get uncomfortable as they age. You can tell I’m not a metallurgist. Cheers. Jeff