• edh

    I have never heard of a the Passage model, but it looks great.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com sprocket56

    Is it just me, or does this bike look Austrian?

  • James

    Austrian? It was made in Mississippi in April 1986. Probably looks more like an Austro-Daimler than a Schwinn as set up. Many older Schwinn 10-speeds (Varsity & Continentals) did have chrome fenders. I just hope these fenders can handle a new set of Panaracer Passella tires.

  • Shelby

    Aside from the condition (yours looks better!) and a few accessories, this looks just like my Schwinn Passage, including the color. I love riding it loaded with panniers – its a very stable ride.

  • James

    They definitely do have a stable and solid ride. I did about 40+ miles on it last weekend, and it rode very well. I have new Nashbar Daytrekker panniers for it, as well as a set of ’80s Cannondale panniers for it, and ’70s Karrimor panniers. These bikes were apparently made in Greenville, Mississippi…mine in April 1986. Can you believe they originally sold for about $310? Guess we’ve seen some price inflation since then.

  • Steve

    I see you state it originally came with “26” wheels–I assume you mean 27″ wheels, correct? did you change them over to 700c and if so, was there any issues with the cantilever brakes lining up with the rims?

  • Jim

    The fenders were from a bike with 26\ wheels. The bike has 27\ wheels, but might be able to handle a set of 700C with a few adjustments. The 700C wheels drop the rim-to-brake-pad contact by about 4mm. That would give more fender clearance for beefier tires, although the ones on it are beefy enough. The 27\ wheels on it are fine, though, and tires are still pretty inexpensive and easy to locate.

  • Jim

    Finally found a larger framed vintage touring bike, which is not an easy task, that fits me better. May finally let go of this one. Tough decision, since these bikes are few and far between.

  • John

    I own one since new same color, they are a very good bike imo.

  • Ditty Lambert Markham

    Is there a market for this Vintage 1986 Schwinn Passage? I have one like the one pictured (no fenders) which has been hanging in my garage since 1987. My biking friends convinced me to buy this men’s model as the frame would be stronger than a woman’s bike. It turned out this bike was not for me. What would it be worth to a collector?