• Keith

    I bought an “Opaque Blue” LT-5 in 1975, the same year I got my driver’s license. Everyone else was bugging their parents for a car; I bought myself a Schwinn. I loved that bike. I sold it somewhere around 1979 in a momentary lapse of reason (bought a Traveler III – still nice, but no Le Tour) and I’ve been wishing I had it back ever since.

  • Joe B.

    DANG! Talk about showroom quality. I wouldn’t have the time, $$$ or patience to do it. Two thumbs way up. 🙂

  • laverack

    Double trouble. I often dream of twins. Can someone tell me the exact name/model of the rear derailleur pictured? Thanks!

    • Keith

      If I remember correctly, it’s a Shimano Le Tour, made just for that bike.

  • http://hughsbicycle.blogspot.com Hugh

    Absolutely Beautiful X 2

  • mauricio545

    Acid dip?? How do you do that??

    • Jim B.

      First, degrease the spokes with a good quality degreaser, I use Simple Green. Then I get the good grout cleaner which is almost pure sulfuric acid. I mix the acid with water, about 10:1 ratio but you can change the ratio based on the speed of cleaning desired. Throw the spokes into the acid bath and leave for a few hours. You’ll see the crud start bubbling up off the metal. Roemve, rinse with cold water and then a light buff with a fine sanding pad (3M) or steel wool. The result is far superior to just sanding the spokes. I always inspect the spokes for excessive corrosion or stress fractures. Haven’t lost a spoke with this method yet. Warning: DO NOT DIP ALUMINUM! It will turn dark.

      To polish aluminum; mix Cream of Tartar with distilled water and throw your aluminum in the bath overnight. A rinse, dry and light buffing and you will be amazed!!

  • older1

    Very nice..twice! I believe our collective envy and coveting meters are now pegged beyond repair. By the way, no one wants to know if the serial numbers are sequntial, so please don’t tell us.

    Thanks for answering the question what would be better than owning one vintage Le Tour.

    Of course, James, you knew that showing a matched pair of desirable vintage Le Tour’s to this crowd is like showing a matched pair of flintlock duelling pistols to a gun collector.

    Come up with a pair of vintage chrome-framed Paramounts, and you may expect near-worship, no doubt!

  • Eoneal1369

    Beautiful Le Tour’s. I am beginning a resto on my 74 Le Tour. I hope the end result is half as nice as yours. Nice Job.

  • Glenn Watson

    Jim, I would love it if you could point me in the direction of acquiring the bike on the left, or a similar one. I had that exact same bike, which I bought new, in 1974, only to have it stolen a few years later. I loved it, and now I am at the age where I need to start cycling again (35 years later) and I have to have that bike, or one just like it. Can you vintage bike guys steer me in the right direction? I’m on a mission and I need to have one, that one.