• Ryan Surface

    James -Nice find, from the pictures the frame and paint look to be in excellent condition

  • BeaterRezQ

    James G.,
    Simply put…..”Beautiful!”
    I love the finish on it, kinda reminds me of the “Black Chrome” that Schwinn used to use on their older bikes.
    Those older Japanese bikes sure were lookers and awesome tourers.
    I like the way that you matched blue up front with the tire/bar wrap.
    How ’bout a matching tire/seat combo in the rear?
    ….I’m just saying.
    Irregardless, nice bike as it sits.

  • BeaterRezQ

    Attention bike guys/gals: Does anyone out there know how to decipher the serial numbers for an old Centurion 10 speed road bike? It has no model name, Suntour everything, Diacompe brakes/levers, SR crank/bars/stem, N.S.C. seat made in Osaka. All reliable sources indicate that the serial numbers should be under the bottom bracket, but these are stamped on the non-drive side of the seat tube near to bottom bracket AGO18, Made in Japan.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Also, very similar to an older post-Robbie F.’s 1976 Centurion Omega
    Ty, BRQ

    • Docsprocket


      • BeaterRezQ

        I don’t know how to read the letters/numbers on the serial #, but it did have diacompe centerpulls and a SR Silver Medal cottered crank.(or something like that?) Components, stem, seat post having nothing much stamped on them.