• laverack

    Beautiful rig! Belongs with “The Dude” in the OTS Hall of Fame.

  • JP

    After a little searching, I believe the bike was made in 1978. Also, Lenox was a resort town in Massachusetts, the state where Columbia bikes were manufactured.
    Pale yellow and lime green, what a combo.
    I have put many miles on this bike since originally
    submitting it in September. Still rides great.
    My thanks to OTS for posting it.
    James M.

  • gunnerman

    You got to love the seat style. Not only is it BOS it is also all the way forward.

  • Bob H.

    1978, the year I graduated high school! This is the sort of thing I come to this site for! You can keep your high end European and Japanese bikes, give me a good old American made OTS with a fantastic color scheme like this one, which has my vote for OTS of the month.

  • Greg D.

    Man that bike looks amazing. I can tell just by looking at it how much time you spent on polishing. The shine on that great yellow and green color scheme is beautiful. If I had a bike like that I would show it off and ride all the time.