• Ryan

    Hey James, the bike is pretty, I was actually looking at one just like this on Craigslist. Would you say that it is a relatively light weight bike? Thanks.

    • James L Graham

      Thanks Ryan,
      The Scout is actually the heaviest bike I own, so I would definitely not call it light weight. I still really enjoy it though for short rides through town.

      • Ryan

        thanks for your help James. I think your input helped me make a better decision.

    • Brett

      I just found one of these for free on someones front lawn. How much was it listed for on Craigslist?

  • http://gravelo.blogspot.com Grit

    What a nice bike. I wish I could find one for myself. Thanks for the post!

  • Nathan

    that is honestly the most beautiful ten speed I have ever seen. Look at those cranks and fenders. you my friend have been smiled upon by the old ten speed gods of providence.

  • ted

    just got a very similar bike a huffy 685 from my dad yours looks better than mine but i will say that my bike is lighter than my recent schwinn avenue which is an aluminum frame but all things tend to be relative bikewise

  • James

    Hello. I found a bike just like the “Huffy Scout” pictured here under a blanket in a basement. The lady said it hasn’t been riden in 35 years. Everything is original including the seat. Only the color of the paint is different. The color of this bike is the color of the word “SCOUT” with a lighter color for the word “SCOUT”. I don’t think its been riden more than 10 times. My questions are, if you can help me, #1 How much is the bike worth? #2 How much will it cost me to restore and 3) I would like to ride this bike but it I restored it, is it worth riding? If the bike is only worth several hundreds of dollars, I’ll ride it. If it’s worth several thousand, then I would like to sell it. I can get a picture of it if that helps.

    Thank You

    James Ingram

    • http://oldtenspeedgallery.com The Ten-Speed Dreamer

      Hi James,

      My 2¢:

      1. It’s great to hear there are other Scouts like this out there. This is one of my most favorite 10speeds to this day.

      2. I would encourage you not to worry about the value of this bike. For a couple of reasons: It’s not worth thousands and it’s not worth several hundreds.:) Depending on your location or if you found the right person, you could get a couple hundred for it. (I personally would give $200 plus for the scout pictured here, but is it worth $200? Perhaps it’s worth more.)

      3. It shouldn’t cost you very much at all to restore it. If it has been stored in a basement for it’s entire life, and it really hasn’t been ridden much you could probably getaway with tires, tubes and maybe new cables and/or brake pads. Depending on the conditions in the basement, it might not need anything like that. If you did the work yourself, you could replace all of the about mentioned for around ~$30. If you had the work done, it would be ~$60-$200.

      4. As I said in item 2, don’t worry about the value. Especially if you intend to ride it. It is worth riding. I wouldn’t recommend it for a trans-continental tour, but I think it would be a great ride for tooling around town or out on a bikepath.

      5. Please fix it up and send us some pictures to enjoy.

      Thanks for reading.


  • James

    Thanks for the info Ten-speed. I had asked a friend who is into bikes and he didn’t think I had found a long lost gem but he did seem interested in the seat. With your info you gave me I think just tool around town on it. I was looking for something to ride with my wife when this came up. I’ll get a picture of it as it is now and I’ll take one when it’s restored. Once again, Thank you for the info.


  • Evan Jones

    looks clean! I just bought one of these at a flea market. it was dirty and rusted so im currently stripping it down and im gonna get all new parts and repaint it.

  • Jacob

    James–Any chance you would part with your Scout? I had one very similair to this (had some upright h-bars put on, bad back) and it was stolen from my yard last night! Looking everywhere for a replacement.

  • Rose

    I just found a Women’s Huffy Scout Bike. The frame and gears seems to be in good condition. It will need tires. Look’s nice. If you would like to see a photo email me at chokureiseiheki@hotmail.com

  • scott

    My treasured Huffy Scout bicycle was stolen from me in 1976. Back then, my parents saved their money for months to buy me my first 10 speed bike. I was devastated. I have never had another bike like it and have been looking for one for years. The photo you have posted here brings back many fond memories. If you ever want to part with it James, I would pay just about anything for it.

    • Curtis Withrow

      I have that same bike in my back yard needs brakes fixed and tires

  • Steve Ferrell

    I have a Huffy Model 36803x bike that is all red, including the tires. The bike is still BRAND NEW, in the box, never assembled. I need to find some information about the bike. When it was made, and an approximate value. Contact me via e-mail at address above.

  • Lori

    I enjoyed seeing your pictures. I loved my Huffy Scout and have never forgotten it. It took a lot of babysitting to save enough money to buy it and I was so proud of it. Mine looked exactly the same except the seat was brown or a dark tan color and I think the handlebar tape was yellow. Thanks for the memories…

    • bettdev

      Lori, did we live the same lives, or WHAT?
      Got mine thru babysitting, was very proud of mine as well. And you’re right, the seat was dark tan, and the tape, yellow.
      Got mine in 8th grade, 1975… men’s style, I think they balance better.
      1st week I had it, some jackass stole the big wingnuts off of it, and put theirs on mine. I’m still pissed.
      Man… I loved that bike.

  • kim

    I have a girls huffy 10 scout in good condition with newer tires. Interested in selling. Can you help me with the value. welchbk@aol.com thx

  • Curtis Withrow

    I have this bike in my back yard have to fix brakes and tires

  • vincent

    I believe I have acquired a all original very very old huffy scout I have pictures and need to know it’s value

  • vincent